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Reviews Of Ptcgen

Ptcgen is one of the best ptc site that will paid you for your each work done. It have 1 year subscription. You will paid for each ad click by you up to 0.03$ and you will paid 100% of your direct referrals. They will paid you instantly when you give request for your cashout. You should be paid instantly and so many people get paid already by this job. Simply anyone can do this job and will earn more by referred users. Not only the referred users earned for you. All of your downlines will make money for you. There are lot of ptc websites available online.

How To Purchase Referrals

In ptcgen you can purchase direct referrals for just 1$ for lifetime. They will work for you for lifetime and you will be paid for each request. Your payout is not a certain amount or desired amount. It is your wish. You can get paid whenever you want to get cashout from this account by the way of paypal, payza, solid trust pay, Liberty Reserve.
No investment required to do this, as same as no other quality is required. Because ptcgen is one of the simplest job. So that anyone can do it and will get paid with your account. More than 10,500 members are working on this site and lot of them get paid from this job. But you do not need to click the same ad more than one time in a day.


InvestmentNot required
Actual WorkView ads, Play games, Refer others
Minimum Payout1$
Legit Percentage78%
People’s Choice66/100

Daily Guaranteed Ads

Your ads will be generated daily. You can desire your work time and also your money per each day. ptcgen also have some grid games to earn money. You can check your luck with this games and also earn money more to play. Each day you will have 25 chances in grid games. So easily you can achieve 0.15$ at a single click if you are a lucky at the time of doing work. signup your account now and Login to your account. After watching your paid advertisements don’t forget to verify. If you do not get verify your will not credited for that ad.

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