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Email Marketing – Email Reading Jobs From Email List on Moneymail

Email Marketing jobs on Moneymail: It is the best way to make money from reading emails for someone that benefits you to get paid. Lot of people thinks they can make money from doing online jobs. Even it can be done as part time jobs for people who wants to make some extra cash than their regular income. Such jobs like email reading, ad clicking, data entry can suitable to make some extra money.

email marketing jobs online

Email marketing and Email reading jobs on

This is an Email reading job online where you read and reply to the email on behalf of the company. You will get extra income to read emails in your inbox. Money mail helps you to get more money through your email account. Yes! It is very easy and you have to spend just 15 minutes per day. That is enough to make Rs. 10,000 in a single month.

No need to spend more time for this. Money mail program is simple and you get paid for every mail read by you. Emails contain some ad links of advertising company. Even you can earn by referring more friends and relatives and many more option for this email marketing jobs. Your payments will be certainly increased by referring more number of people through your referral link. It is legal online email reading job.

Earnings for reading email list

You can make money from Rs.0.20 to Rs.200 for each and every email you get. You will not receive any emails on your gmail accounts or yahoo accounts or anything. You need to login to moneymail account. Here you have to note that they will not send any emails on sundays. Your money emails will be updated daily. Your income is very secure and you don’t worry about your payments.

Referral program

They pay you up to 10 levels for your referrals who are joining with your referral link and those who are joined with your referral’s link. For each and every referral get by your referral link for email marketing, you will get paid Rs. 100 and also that if your referred member getting any referrals, you also be paid Rs.30.

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Features of Email reading job on Moneymail

  • No need any previous experience to join.
  • You can work at your convenient time from anywhere.
  • You can check your balance details and income details at anytime you want.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Be paid for just reading emails.
  • Make money over Rs.10,000 per month.

Membership categories with Moneymail

Paid membership

  • You have to pay Rs.500 for joining here.
  • You will get upto 10 emails in a day.
  • 10 levels of your referrals income.
  • Your minimum payout is just Rs.500.
  • It is an weekly paid email reading job.

Free membership

  • No need to pay for joining.
  • You will get upto 5 emails in a day.
  • Your minimum payout is Rs.1000
  • You will be paid for every month.
  • Referral level is just one.

Payment options

  • Cheque or demand draft
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal (online account)

This job is perfectly suitable for every online job seekers and it is 100% legit online job. Join to start earning from today. Share your opinions with us by dropping your comments below.


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