How to Save Money on Travelling [Wise Strategies]

Everyone has a keen to travel all over the world. But it costs high to attain this. Even we might traveled to many places by spending more money. But there are many options to save money on travelling.

On each vacations, you planned some locations to enjoy such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, etc. If you are quite smart in planning the budget then there is a lot of ways to save money on each travelling.

Yes! There are more number of ways where you can reduce money on travelling. Some ways to reduce expense on travelling are while purchasing your flight tickets, booking residencies, food, etc.

Save Your Money on Travelling

As I have a lot of experience in saving money on travelling. So, in this article I like to share my experience and some useful ideas for saving money on travelling.

Buying Tickets

1. Sketch Earlier

Initially you must check all the websites which are offering discounts on booking airways tickets.

Maximum of airlines offers a bulk of discount while you are booking tickets in advance as before 3 months to 12 months. That too your ticket booking is for foreign tour.

  1. If you are booking ticket before 1 month or 2 months a crumb of cost will be different.
  2. So nothing is here to get troubled in this situation. Just you try two things:
  3. Surf in internet, which websites afford coupon codes for flight tickets.
  4. Some popular airlines offers discount rates at every 2-3 weeks. So you can subscribe your mobile number as well as email to those airlines websites. So on every discounts you will be receiving SMS or email as the cost will be lower.

I searched in some airlines sites for tickets. Earlier to June 20,2014 cost of ticket from Mumbai to Bangalore was more than Rs.3500 but after ten days in promotional discount it was just Rs.2600.

reduce expenditure on travelling

2. Less Baggage

Next to your ticket, you can save your money on baggage you taking with you.Airlines rule is that one person must carry one bag. So its better to avoid carrying more baggage.

And an advantage is no luggage charge for the hand bags with you. So you can transfer your weighty things to your hand bag.

3. Round trips

A better way to save your money on travelling is Round trip tickets. Round trip tickets are very cheap than one way tickets.

4. Travel through same Airport

If you’re departing and arriving airports are similar i.e., where you are take off your travel you can land in the same airport so that you can save your money on taxi charge.

5. Alter flights

Make your travel to two countries by travel and you can save money on tickets. If you wish to stay in two countries you can stay in the country without paying extra charge.

save money on Lodging

Next to saving money on tickets and transportation you splurge more money on lodging. also lodging is the vital thing in travel. so some tips I like to share with to save money on lodging.

1.Seek out for hotels

Initially surf in internet for the hotels in the city where you are moving. There are many good hotels available at lower costs.

Make research about hotels in site. You can extend your search with budgets, type of rooms, facilities, etc.

2. Examine the price

After searching the hotels, list out your favourite hotels and compare the prices between all.

Also you can use the discounts offered by the hotels and make use of it. You can save a lot of money in this.

3. Book hotels in locality

You can book hotels in nearby towns. Because hotels in city charges more than hotels located in town.

4. Choosing number of rooms

Booking two bedroom suites are better than booking two rooms. It will be secure as well as cheaper one. Also a good idea too.

5. Choosing hotels

If your staying and travel is for more days, then prefer vacation homes than hotels. This would be comfortable and cheaper.

6. Family

The place you are moving to, if any of your friends or family members are staying there then stay along with them. So, you can save your money spending on lodging.

Rental for vehicle

The major mania where we spend more money is vehicle.

  1. Select your rental car carefully: You have to be too conscious in-car rents. Your departing and arriving place should be same. Else the charge will be double from its actual rate.
  2. Range of the car: Use small-sized car as fuel consumption will be less.
  3. Fill the rented vehicle: Fill with some cheap gas so that will be got relaxed from extra charges.
  4. Pay car rental: Use credit cards for all payments so you can save money.
  5. Seek for coupons: Some car renting companies offers discount. So you surf on their sites for discount and Save your money.

Long Travel

Some smart ways to save money on long travel.

  1. Avoid taxi: While travelling for long distance avoid taxi and go through public transports. So that you can save money on charges.
  2. Subways: This is very cheap because you can get monthly pass on your travel.
  3. Transportation: Travelling in night will cost less. Also transportation like buses takes less time as well as less charge.
  4. Own transport: If you take your own car, so that you can save more money on travelling.

Food and Beverages

Now I like to share some tips to save money on foods.

  1. Be a cook: Yes, if you know cooking then cook yourself. Take all ingredients needed for cooking with you and save more money on food.
  2. Plan your meals: Plan your meals before. Search a single restaurant so that you can have good food and less amount.
  3. Dinner: A better way during travel so avoid breakfast and take lunch. So take food twice a day.
  4. Avoid star hotels: Don’t prefer 5 star hotels for eating because it costs high.
  5. Shopping.

It is sure you are travelling out then you have to shop. I prefer you a better shopping.

Shop in duty-free shop: During your travel look at duty-free shops located in airports. Mostly all airports have duty-free shops.
Tax refunds on products: If you plan to shop in shopping fling then apply for tax refund.


  1. Currency: Select a currency pact to the country you are going as tour. It is due to currency exchange rates are different from country to country.
  2. Cash: Avoid exchange centers because they have very high rates. Alternatively you can go to places to get cash in local currency. It is a better option than moving to exchange centers.

So I would like to suggest you to keep all these things in your mind for reducing your expenditure on travelling. These are not only the ways to save money. So many ways available for saving money. If you know any more ideas to save money on travel, Share it and your experience with us by leaving comment below.

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