Online Survey Jobs from Home without Fees (No Investment)

Have to make money from home or willing to have some extra income? Here, an opportunity to you to achieve the goal. I have mentioned about many online survey jobs as well as free jobs in previous posts, and this too similar to that site. So continue reading and I hope it will be very useful to obtain your aim or goal.

Online Survey Jobs – Pureprofile

PureProfile is a media company that asks their members to create profiles which are then matched with paid offers and online surveys. Members of PureProfile receive targeted messages from businesses based on their profiles, and you can earn money by viewing and commenting on these messages.

They connects you with a range of paid surveys, cool insights and content matched to your profile. Creating your profile is easy and fun and you can start earning right away. You can create your PureProfile account and start earning now.

You can register with this site either by connecting your Facebook account else register in a regular way as using your Email Id also they mainly prefer Gmail account and strongly oppose other mail survey jobs

How it helps to earn money?

PureProfile says that your opinions counts which means your thoughts will pay you in this online survey jobs. As you will be paid to answer questions for brands and researchers.Here some great deals and offers all specifically tailored to what you like. You can expose your wishes and ideas of a product and shape their services whatever you use.

There is no points or gifts they offer for you but everything you earn is cash for all your winning activities. All those access insights from your profile to help you make better decisions.

How will you get Surveys?

The survey you getting is entirely depends on your profile. The information you provided are matched with paid online survey jobs, videos and some other content that are relevant to you. Categories in your profile includes everything from home and travel to fashion, groceries, entertainment, work and more.

The chances you getting is depending up on the answer you gave. These are all not only about making money as it combines and decides how you compare and make better decisions in the future.

Your PureProfile is filled with more questions about your basic demographics, likes, dislikes, interests and more about your habits too. All your answers put you into groups for further surveys and if you answer more questions you will be put to more groups, so that you can earn more money. And your profile becomes increasingly valuable as you add to it over time.


You will be invited to participate in a number of campaigns with help of your PureProfile account. Each survey, video or poll takes a different time to complete and select the system which you answer either from PC or mobile device. It is such a great way to earn some extra cash or money but that depends on your responses.

As they are entirely different from other survey sites because they pay you in cash, no points schemes or monthly draws. Money will be directly transferred to your registered bank account. Also they are developing some new methods to you for making pay out yourself.

Also you can redeem your earnings by PayPal account by registering in your profile. And the minimum amount you need in your account to redeem is Rs.1,000 and maximum amount you left in your account as withdrawal is Rs.2,000 in 60 days.

I hope this post was very helpful to you because of no gifts everything will be given as cash. Share your opinions and ideas with us by leaving your comments below to us and let us know what you feel about making money from home and where we made you to struggle. So that we will enhance ourselves and help you better in future. Thank you for your kind co-operation.


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