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Online Transcription Jobs from Home: Tigerfish employment, It is a popular job site which offers online transcription work for Americans. Good Typist only can apply for this job. It is a good service, they are accepting and inquiring applications through Email only. No calls accepted. If you call them, they will not answer about your application. Your applications will be reviewed on periodic basis. The candidates who are selected by them will be contacted directly. Once you applied for this job, don’t wait for their intimation, because it may take more time causing high volume of receiving applications.

Online Transcription Jobs from Home

Online Transcription Jobs from Home

If you are a good typist as well as having good knowledge in English, you will have a way to earn good money by working as transcriber on tigerfish. It has been working since 1989. You have to be a flexible person to work on it. Do you know what is transcription? It is rendering process of recorded speech into text form. You have to listen the meaning in the recorded speech, then convert into text form. Note that you have to make a decision intelligently. It requires flexibility and accuracy.

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 Tigerfish Transcription job Requirements

  • U.S citizens only can apply for this job or you must be a legal resident
  • You should have high speed internet connection
  • Windows based computer
  • A permanent telephone number where you can be reached regularly
  • A copy of Express Scribe transcription software

Earn with Express Scribe software easily

Download Express Scribe transcription software freely. But it is working for test and evaluation period only. You have to purchase a copy of start stops powerplay for media to continue as transcriber with tigerfish. Complete Start-Stop PowerPlay Video/DVD Transcriber is $229 worth.

Talents expected from Transcribers

  • Good Ear for Language
  • Strong Sense of Written English
  • Ability to Write Well
  • Accurate and Fast Typing Speed
  • Close Attention to Details

Online Transcription Jobs Earnings

It is a very difficult question to answer sharply. We had asked to many of workers. Tigerfish paid up to 4 cents per line in previous years. Many of their companies don’t pay hourly rates. They are paying called per line basis. Your payment depends on your typing speed and accuracy. Tigerfish online transcription jobs employment paying around 7 cents per line. They are paying fairly low.

Tigerfish Transcription job guide

Download a pdf file which is Tigerfish Transcription style guide and read well. After that, download a sample audio file of their test. If you don’t have a means of that playing audio files, use Express subscribe. Each segment should be finished within 20 minutes. They have a strict payment. So avoid rewriting work. Download the document and save with your name.

Complete the form with correct information and send to [email protected] Your application should contain phone number, resident address and description about yourself. Our wishes to become a tigerfish transcriber. Visit Tigerfish Employment page for directions to apply now.


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