Top 5 Captcha Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

CAPTCHA entry Jobs from Home without Investment: If you are searching for online jobs from home without investment and you like to work as an online data entry operator. Then spend your piece of valuable time to read this article and get an idea.

CAPTCHA solving job is one of the best job that everyone can do. There are more number of websites you can work as Captcha typer but some of the sites only pay really to their workers.

After searching many sites, based on their reviews and ratings I took some sites where you can join and work as Captcha Typer by earning some money.

Captcha Online data entry job

Initially you must know what is CAPTCHA. So I hope you might have some basic knowledge of internet And you must have Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter accounts. If you have all these accounts then you have experienced the Captcha. Captcha is a human verification test so that no software or bots can join their sites.

There are many companies wants to sign up in thousands of websites on internet. They can create a software to sign up on the websites but no technology can solve the Captcha automatically. So that they need human to solve these Captchas.

Once the company software create account on these sites the CAPTCHA image will be sent to the Captcha typer. You will be provided with short duration that is 10 to 15 seconds for solving the CAPTCHA so you need good accuracy of solving the Captchas. By performing this work you can earn money from these online jobs from home without any investment.

I like to share 5 best sites where you can earn around $0.5 to $2 for every 1000 Captchas you solve.

Top 5 CAPTCHA entry jobs at home

5 best sites for Online data entry jobs from home

The sites which I am mentioning here as best sites where many people are working and making extra income by working online from home. So I suggest that you too can earn money from these jobs without any investment. If you like to work from home then go through this sites, join and start earning without investment.

1. MegaTypers

MegaTypers is one of the best online sites to make money from home also you can get paid starting from $0.45 to $1.5 for every 1000 CAPTCHA solved. They expect good typing skill and ability to type atleast 10 words per minute. Also you can earn up to $250 per month by working with site. Your payment will be processed as PayPal, Webmoney, Payza, Western Union.

2. ProTypers

ProTypers is a multinational data entry specialists. This is an another site where you can earn up to $200 a month by solving Captcha. Your payment will be done through PayPal, Web money, Western Union, Payza, etc. Initially you have to work on converting scanned documents to text documents.

3. 2Captcha

2Captcha is a better site to earn money in online by working from home. The payment starts from 0.5 USD for 1000 solved Captchas. Each Captcha will be appeared only for 15 seconds. The payment is based on weekly basis.

4. ETypers

ETypers is a CAPTCHA entry work, you will get paid i daily or weekly basis. You need to wait to withdraw your amount as you need to earn more. But it is simple and easy job, you need to change image into text in duration given.

5. CaptchaTypers

An another site which provides online data entry job from home is CaptchaTypers and their minimum payout is $2. You must type fast else timed out and you will be banned for 30 minutes.

So you can join with these sites and earn some extra income.

Remember before you start working

  • Here you can’t earn big money but you can earn up to Rs.6000/- to Rs.12,000/- per month by working 4 hours daily.
  • For getting you payments you need to create account on PayPal or Payza.
  • You should check all websites about minimum balance and check who pays genuinely on time.
  • Check whether you will be comfortable to work and where you can make more money in less time.

I hope this article will help to those who are willing to increase their monthly income. Share your experience with us by your comments.


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